How To Collage A Photo Frame

Are your photo frames simple? Do you like to collage? This article will lead you through easy steps on how to creatively decorate your own photo frames without breaking the bank!

Here are some simple ways to creatively frame your cherished photos of family and friends! You'll be surprised to see how easy it is to dress up a photo frame! With just a little bit of effort, you can have professional quality frames that you made yourself for a much lesser price!


1. flat-surfaced, wooden (preferably) photo frame, any size

2. super-glue

3. beads, buttons, feathers, paint, glitter (anything decorative!)

4. small paint brushes

5. paint pens (multi colors, don't forget black)

6. brightly colored craft paints (don't forget white)

7. Pencil


1. Remove glass and backing from the frame. Set aside.

2. Glue random decorative items to cover entire frame surface. Ideas: Theme frames such as buttons on a picture of Grandma, sea shells on beach vacation photos, fancy feathers on the picture of your daughter playing dress-up, and so on.

1. If you don't want a texture, once again, remove glass and backing from the frame.

2. Paint the entire surface white.

3. Let it dry thoroughly.

4. Use your pencil to draw on the frame. Suggestions: polka dots, hearts, stripes, diamonds, smiley-faces.

5. Use the paint pens and small paint brushes to apply color to your design.

6. Guess what? You're done!

The best way to have a successfully decorated frame is to practice a little beforehand on a small piece of wood. This way you can experiment with different textures and drawings. Some interesting twists on the "painted frame" theme are combining texture with pattern (sea shells glued to a watery, blue-painted background) or using buttons as the polka dots. There are an infinite amount of possibilities. Try tailoring your frame decor to the personality of the person photographed. This always turns out wonderfully. Don't be discouraged by your first frame. Sometimes, you need a "practice frame" to get going. Some good advice is, "buy cheap frames!"

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