Collecting 2000 Twizzlers Baseball Trading Cards

A summary of the 2000 Twizzlers baseball trading card set, a food issue featuring sports stars like Mark McGwire.

Baseball cards have been issued with candy for generations.

Even in the earliest days of major league baseball, it was not uncommon for candy stores to offer free cards to children who purchased chocolate or gum.

Twizzlers candy got into the act with its 2000 baseball card set featuring some big league stars like Mark McGwire. The 12-card set is issued one per card through "big bags" of Twizzlers candy, a flavored licorice-type product.

The cards come one to a pack, protected with a cello overwrap. One must be careful when removing the pack from the bag, however, as it often sticks to the product!

The set is a challenge to collect. One does not know which card is inside the package, and obtaining even six or seven different cards can often require the purchase of two or three times that many bags of Twizzlers.

In addition, it appears the company has short-printed some of the cards, or perhaps not issued them in the product at all. Cards of Mike Piazza and Larry Walker seem especially difficult to obtain, while those of Cal Ripken, Curt Schilling and Bernie Williams are very easy (which of course affects their value).

The set can be obtained through the purchase of 15 bags of Twizzlers, cutting the UPC symbols from the bags and mailing them with $1.50 to an address that will process the order.

The Twizzlers cards were manufactured by Fleer, a maker of mainstream sports cards. They are individually numbered 1-12 on the back but are otherwise very similar to the regular issue Fleer cards.

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