Collecting Swatch Watches

Learn why many people enjoy Swatch watch collecting, about the company's history, and find out about the stunning styles.

Just as people enjoy collecting stamps, or coins, Swatch watches are no different. Learn why many people enjoy Swatch watch collecting, about the company's history and all about the stunning styles.

It all started at the end of the 70's when the watch business was on a downward spiral. Swatch decided that innovation was just as important as being functional, so they created the world's thinnest plastic watch with only 51 components as opposed to the regular 91 parts. In doing this Swatch also kept the price affordable, thus attracting collectors worldwide.Along with the basic plastic, Swatch watch collectors can enjoy: Irony, the watch made of metal; Swatch Snowpass, great to use while skiing or snowboarding; Swatch SKIN Chrono, the thinnest chronograph in the entire world; Swatch Touch, interactive; Swatch Beat, featuring Internet time; and Fun Scuba, which has an automatic depth meter. With all of these collections it's no wonder that a variety of people like to collect numerous Swatch Watches.

A run through of the collections:

Originals: These watches are great for first time Swatch watch collectors. The watches come in a variety of colors and shapes. Some of the most highly recognizable Swatch Originals include X-Large, The Swatch Olympic Collection, Lady and Gent to name a few.

Irony: Not your average Swatch watch. These metal watches might not make you think Swatch at first. They are sporty and fashionable with names like Big, Medium and Lady. Lady has the complete essence of Swatch watches. These watches can travel 200 meters under water for the Scuba lover in all of us.

SKIN: For those who love fabrics and fashion, these stylish watches are for you. Being the world's thinnest chrono, it feels like you're wearing nothing at all, hence the term Skin.

Bijoux: Swatch's jewelry watches - for the diamond lover in all of us. These watches bring jewels and creativity in every single bijou Swatch watch. Women who love a little wrist bling will go crazy for these watches.

Flik Flak: Swatch watches for kids! The Swatch Company worked with physiologists to make the watches easy for kids to learn how to tell time. Why not get the kids into collecting? They will love it and will look forward to new styles every season.

Why collect: Why not collect these savvy watches? There are so many reasons to begin collecting Swatch watches. The prices couldn't be more affordable; they're thin, comfortable and extremely fashion forward.

Just as fashion designers come out with new designs season after season, so does Swatch watches. Swatch is a classic in itself. It's great to know there is a watch company that is changing the way people tell time, while bringing fun and excitement to your wrist.

Swatch is revolutionary and a refreshing watch company, always bringing their collectors something new to add to their watch wardrobes. People who love accessories will love collecting these watches; just like stamp lovers can't get enough of stamp collecting. The joy of collecting Swatch watches is simple because a company that lives on the motto "Always different, yet always the same" will always attract innovative and unique people to collect them.

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