What Is A Color Chart?

What is a color chart? A color chart is a customized blend of colors that are matched specifically to an individual. All colors do not look great on a person. Well, when a person comes to me for color I...

Well, when a person comes to me for color I use my color chart. I have them sit under natural light like the skylights in my studio. For women I remove the makeup off one side of their face to see their natural skin color. I pull hundreds and hundreds of strips of color, which I hold under the chin at the neck area and I determine how bright or how soft that persons color should be. To make sure the colors look sparkly, young and alive. Now we don't want the colors brighter than the person because it will look garish. When you walk into a room people will see what you are wearing before they see you. Now I don't want them too soft and I don't want them too muted. In other words not too brown, or a grade down, because then they will look tired. That is called the clarity the brightness of the color which is crucial. If you need clear bright colors then you stay with that when shopping. Everything on your color chart will be of the same clarity; meaning brightness or softness of color. If you need the more muted; then the softer tones on your color chart will be of that color. Now, this color one system is very individualized and you can be somewhere in between colors. My box has 1000s of strips which I use to determine the exact color to use. I pull up the colors, write them on a card, place them on the table and then mount those colors under plastic on the color chart. That way it is in the wallet, purse or briefcase so you have a guideline when you go into the store. I also give a lot of take home information and I make sure that they know the difference between a clear color and a muted color, because this is crucial. I also work with how it should be put together. Some people look good in very strong contrast, like black and white. They look great in navy and pure white but on others it wipes them out. You don't see their facial area, you just see fabric. We determine a level of contrast that a person should wear. Do they want the stark contrast or do they want a more blended look? We also talk about prints and jewelry. Some color types look better in shiny pieces. Others look better in softer, more bronze pieces, copper pieces or ethnic pieces. It's very definitive. When they come back to me they see their colors and then I do a makeup makeover for them. I let my clients call me forever, which I call Marcy's marvelous follow up service.

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