Color Coordinated Beauty Accents: Makeup And Cosmetic Color Choices

Don't apply makeup in a careless or haphazard fashion. Coordinate colors and styles to present a smooth and attractive finish.

It's fun to experiment with cosmetics for a variety of different looks. Wearing a special outfit with varied makeup allows you to try an assortment of effects. But there are times when it's a good idea to coordinate makeup and fashions for a smooth, together style.

When selecting cosmetics, look for colors and shades that work together. For example, you don't want to wear bright orange lipstick with purple eye shadow, no matter how pretty each looks individually. Although product names and shadings can vary, examine them closely together to see if they clash or correlate. Here are a few makeup tips:

1. Buy complementary makeup foundation and cheek blush. Naturally, these won't be the same hue, but they should go well together so that the overall finish is blended. A tan foundation might look great with a pink or mauve shade of blush. Put packages with color identifications side by side to see if a particular combination will work with your skin complexion. Of course, you'll have to factor in the effect of concealer if you use it, but you can deal with that issue separately when you get home, unless you buy a product line that includes it as part of the face makeup lineup.

2. Coordinate eye shadow with eyeliner and lipstick. This doesn't mean they'll all look blue, though some have worn matching shades! Rather, link pastel, glitter, neon, and frosty shades with each cosmetic. For example, a soft blue eye shadow can be complemented with a dark blue liner and light rose lip color. With this cosmetic ensemble you may want to wear muted clothing tones or solid contrasts. You can try a variety of combinations to find those you like best or that go well with your wardrobe.

3. Match lip color to foot and hand nail polish. Some women like to wear nearly identical shades of these cosmetics, while others wear colors that are lightly linked or clearly compatible. Depending on your outfit for the occasion, try a few different combinations to see how they work with a particular look. Polish one fingernail at a time to see how it goes with the clothes you plan to wear. A glossy lipstick could be a great companion with glossy polish of a slightly darker or lighter hue.

4. Tailor your entire appearance to the cosmetic arrangement, or vice versa. Avoid wearing opposites, which can be aesthetically confusing or distasteful. For example, wearing a deep, dark evening gown with clear nail polish and white lipstick may provide too much contrast and make you look washed out. Or sharply defined eyes, mouth, and nails may grate with decorous jewelry for an appearance that is too pointed or harsh.

5. Keep a few varied styles and colors on hand. If you wear the same makeup all the time, it may not always go with everything you wear. Also, you may get "branded" as having one limited style, when you could build a reputation as someone with many different "looks." Replace makeup every six months or so to avoid a bacterial buildup that may irritate your skin or eyes.

If you're not sure how to apply makeup or if you would like to try a different look, schedule an appointment for a facial makeover at one of the leading cosmetic counters in your local department store. Most are happy to provide a free facial in hopes of selling their complete line of products, so buyer beware. But have fun browsing, trying, and thinking it over after you've been "reborn" as a new woman.

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