The Comfort Of Flannel Nightgowns

How to overcome "winter time blues" in the sleepwear department "" make flannel sensual and cozy not a dreaded necessity.

Wintry nights with blasts of cold air generally bring forth images of snow and icicles, men and women layered in various types of wool, heavy cotton, and flannel, and none of these images invokes feelings of beauty or sensuality. But, cold and snow filled months do not have to mean de-sexing oneself or loosing one's sexuality in the bedroom. Take the warmth and comfort of flannel nightgowns as a prime point for this measure.

Flannel nightgowns are typically floor length, with long sleeves, and their colors are plaid prints in dark muted colors. These nightgowns are perfectly fine for warmth, but for sensuality they lack aesthetics. So, to make these nightgowns feel sensual replace cotton flannel sheets with satin or over 100 thread count cotton sheets. High thread count sheets make for soft bed coverings, and paired with a "drab" flannel nightgown they detract from its mundane appearance. But, if you must have flannel sheets choose nightgowns that are more flattering.

For a more flattering nightgown wear a spaghetti strapped one, in flannel, and preferably have it come to your knees. This will show just enough skin to make you alluring, and the wraps of flannel sheets with meld with the skimpy flannel nightclothes. Now, you will be wrapped in flannel, still have a sexy glow, and be able to sleep through the night with warmth and comfort. For added flare, on the nights that you choose to wear the spaghetti strapped flannel nightie wriggle yourself around your significant other (or for single folks around a body pillow) and breathe in the comfort and warmth the extra body heat gives off.

If you do not feel comfortable wearing a spaghetti strapped nightie, then improvise the standard nightgown look with an oversized man's pajama top in flannel. These shirts always provide a woman with a sensual air because the idea of a woman's delicate body loosely encompassing a man's shirt is just classically sexy. A woman's body, her curves and moving lines, will peek through the baggy shirt teasing the imagination and allowing her significant other to dream and fantasize about what lies underneath. More importantly, when buying the man's nightshirt buy the entire set""with pants. Then, your hubby can wear the matching pants, and the two of you can cuddle throughout the evening""her showing off her legs and him showing off his chest. The perfect symmetry of skin, between him and her, adds to the cozy comfort of flannel. He can wrap inside of her shirt, and she can wrap around him . . . again providing added warmth and comfort for the evening ahead.

Lastly, the traditional flannel nightgown can be worn by both a man and a woman. Here, buy the matching pair, and gleefully embrace your nightly excursions of sleep and dreams in "grannies" nightie. But purchase these items in rustic colors, with similar colored sheets, and make your bedroom feel and look like a cabin get-away. The cabinesque feel will provide a sense of escape and intrigue by allowing your fashion to dictate your mindset instead of your mindset being dictated by your fashion must haves. So be brave and beautiful, let winter breathe its cold air and long, dark, and dreary days because you will have warmth, comfort, bliss, and sensuality in your flannel nightgowns""sexy, alluring, and made for comfort.

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