What Are Common Difficulties Seen By Breast-Feeding Women?

What are common difficulties seen by breast-feeding women? Sore and tender nipples are commonly seen difficulties with a new breastfeeding mom. I would say the most common difficulty is nipple soreness or...

I would say the most common difficulty is nipple soreness or tenderness and that really varies depending upon the mother baby pair and what might be going on with their breast-feeding situation. For the nipple soreness the other very common thing that we see nowadays, mostly because of the use of pain medications during labor, is sleepy or lethargic babies. The way that we care for mothers during labor by giving them pain medications or by them using pain medications affects the baby's ability to breast-feed normally after birth. The mother baby separation that sometimes happens after birth in the hospital setting can impact the breast-feeding relationship as well. We know that keeping the baby very close in proximity to the mother helps establish a secure bond and attachment and helps the breast-feeding get off to the best start. We do see lethargic babies born now because of the increased use of pain medication during labor and that does affect babies. A sleepy baby who can't wake up to nurse is not going to nurse effectively and that mother will have a problem or struggle bringing in a good milk supply.

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