What Are The Common Dinner Party Themes?

What are the common dinner party themes? The themes now are getting to the point that it is completely "no holds barred." I have seen some of the strangest themes in the world, such as a Groundhog Day dinner party.

Theme parties can be fun and exciting, and not just for the guests, put for the person planning them as well. Theme parties cover everything from holidays and special occasions to murder mystery and costume parties, or can just be a new way to hang out with the same old friends.

According to Brian Hay, a chef and culinary instructor at Austin Community College and a sommelier who also teaches for the International Sommelier Guild, "Theme parties now are getting to the point that it is completely 'no holds barred'. I have seen some of the strangest themes in the world, such as a Groundhog Day dinner party."

Why have a theme party? Hay says, "Most of the time people think of their themes as what they call 'basic'. In other words, it's a birthday, wedding anniversary, or rehearsal dinner. Now you can take those common themes and add something new to them. For instance, one of my friends is having a 70th birthday party for her mom. Most people will have a traditional birthday party were they invite everyone, have cake, music, and standard stuff. She is taking it to a whole new realm. She is trying to get all of the toys that they had back when her mom was a kid."

Dinner party themes can be anything you want them to be. Hays tells of an informal outdoor party hosted by one of his friends: "For one of the parties she did last year, she actually got Big Wheels, tricycles, and things that we played on as kids. She found a company that made adult size Big Wheels and had several delivered. There were people riding around with beers in their hand on Big Wheels. That was the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. Now that's not a formal dinner party; but it wasn't supposed to be. There was an outside barbecue. This was just a free flowing party. It didn't have to be regimented in the sense that we were going to have a formal sit down nine-course meal or anything like that."

According to Hay, the key to a successful theme party is to think outside of the box. He says, "Last Christmas, instead of having a traditional dinner party, I actually had a dessert and drink party. I told my guests to bring a favorite dessert and bring a favorite drink. Everyone brought the desserts and drinks."

Use your imagination when thinking up ideas for a theme party. Get some friends together and brainstorm. Think about things you liked as a child, places you would like to go, and bring those things and places to your party.

Hays says, "Don't just think traditionally; always try to put a twist on it somehow, but make sure you can handle it. The party I am doing this Friday is for a group of hunters actually. We are going to use the fall theme and serve ostrich."

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