What Are Common Exterior Items That Are Inspected In A Home Inspection?

What are common exterior items that are inspected in a home inspection? This sums up some of the common exterior items that home inspectors check. For the exterior of the home, I have a 10 page check list...

For the exterior of the home, I have a 10 page check list that has over 800 check points for the total. On the outside of the house, we look at the landscaping and drainage. For the drainage, we make sure the soils are swept away from the home. We look to see that the siding is not buried in the dirt. This is important because if the dirt is touching the siding, it allows all kinds of insects and other vermin to get inside the house. We check the walkways for cracks. We can then classify the cracks to see if they are a tripping hazard. We do a full walk around the house. We check all the fences. If there is a pool in the back yard, we make sure the fence is secure. The fence should be self closing, and the latches on the fence should be high enough so that a child can't get in it. We check all the trims and flashing on the outside of the home. We look at the structural slab. We look for cracks in the foundation, and we make sure that there is not a settlement problem.

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