Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Common garbage disposal problems. Tips for correcting common garbage disposal problems. Sometimes people are not grinding up the food correctly leaving food products behind. The easiest ways to solve that...

Sometimes people are not grinding up the food correctly leaving food products behind. The easiest ways to solve that is to make sure that you run it effectively, you run it until you can have it cleared all of the food properties within the cavity, and pour bleach in it and run it with some hot water for a few seconds to kill any bacteria residing in the cavity. Typically when things fall into the garbage disposal, they shouldn't. So, when you are actually using a disposal remember to cover it while it's running so that other things do not flip in there. I can give you examples of small teaspoons and caps of bottles. It depends on what is near the sink at the time you are running it. People have accidentally knocked other things into it and then think that the actual disposal is broken.

It's not that is broken. It cannot break down the fallen object that is not a food. It's not made to break things like bottle caps and teaspoons.

If something does fall into the disposal there are a couple of things you need to do before you retrieve it. First, make sure that it's off and you let it stay off for a few seconds. By waiting a few seconds beyond just not hearing it run anymore, make sure that it's had a few seconds to stop completely. Then very slowly make sure that the area is clean and very slowly stick some thing else in there just feel the surface to see where the object is. Once you locate it then very quickly just move your hand in there reach down and grab it and pull it right back out. Some people have a natural inclination to do think the object in the disposal breaks it apart. You may actually be damaging the grinding mechanism. If it is damaged, you will have to order to a new one. If it was within the first you know wasn't the consumer's fault that was something definitely that they would call us for and we will take care of the Whirlpool. If it is consumer error then you can just order the replacement part. It's not that difficult, I am not sure of the price though. I don't know if the legend of using half of a lemon will get of odor. Again we taking care of the source of the odor which is typically bacteria or left over food by pouring bleach in there to cleanse the cavity

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