What Are Common Interior Items That Are Inspected In A Home Inspection?

What are common interior items that are inspected in a home inspection? This sums up some of the common interior items that home inspectors check. On the interior of the home, we go through the entire kitchen....

On the interior of the home, we go through the entire kitchen. We make sure all the kitchen cabinets are working, not loose or broken. We also check to make sure the kitchen has GFCI breakers in the kitchen. Check all the drawers and all the interior doors. We make sure they are not stuck and that the hardware works. We check that the windows work, and the walls are not showing any kinds of cracks. Even on newer houses, you get cracks because there is such poor workmanship. We check all the toilets; make sure they flush and have adequate flow. We make sure that all the sinks work properly, and we check the tubs and the showers to make sure they work properly.

We check the oven ranges and dishwasher. We don't do anything like the refrigerator because sometimes that goes or stays with the house. We check out all the appliances. We check the laundry area, and we make sure that everything is proper in the laundry room. We also look at your roof. We get up on the roof and check everything up there. We open up the electrical panel on the outside, and we make sure that everything is working. We look at the heating and cooling systems for the house and operate them. We can inspect the unit and look for any adverse conditions. These could be leaks of Freon, bad wiring, cables that have deteriorated over the years from sitting on the roof, or problems in the outside unit.

We check for cracks in the walls on the interior of the home and doorways. We go into the crawl spaces. We are looking for proper construction of the house, tie downs, checking stairways, and hand rails. We get up into the attic, and they make sure there are not broken roof supports or trusses. We make sure the home has an attic with insulation.

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