What Are Some Common Landlord/Tenant Disputes?

What are some common landlord/tenant disputes? A property manager can be invaluable to a property owner when it comes dispute resolution between the landlord and tenant. Disputes, of course, are going to...

Disputes, of course, are going to depend on the type property. We actually did some research on the types of disputes that were taken to a state agency for complaints. What we discovered was that the vast majority of the complaints relate, from the tenant side at least, to the refund of the security deposit.

The second most frequent complaints were refund of all the security deposit and charges that were applied against the security deposit. I have closed most of the complaints that take place on the properties I manage. A professional manager becomes valuable in situations such as that simply because of experience. Because they have dealt with these issues hundreds and hundreds of times, and they are known by the people in the community and the court system, if it goes to that process. They have credibility that can be very valuable in pursuing and solving these types of disputes.

In most of our companies, we have dispute resolution programs and systems where the tenant and the property manager can resolve their disputes without having go to court and they have a methodology for getting those things solved efficiently and quickly and do not have the hassle of dealing with that as an individual owner. That's a situation where the owner would get managed.

The big thing is having experience and the knowledge of what types of things constitute damage, what kinds of things constitute normal use of a property versus abuse. But those tend to be very common disputes. During the time people are living at the property, of course, you have issues such as noise complaints and other issues relating to repairs and maintenance. When you're using professional managers, maintenance doesn't tend to be as big of an issue because what we do is make sure the property is well maintained.

Our biggest complaints while tenants live on the property are issues between other tenants like barking dogs or having pets when you are not supposed to have pets. Those are all things that tend to be common disputes. Entering a property without permission is also high on the list. If you have a central heating system, you have issues of keeping it warm enough and keeping it cool enough and finding resolutions to those kinds of things can be interesting some times.

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