What Are Some Common Landlord And Tenant Rights?

What are some common landlord and tenant rights? A tenant has the right to expect certain levels of maintenance, safety and security. A landlord has the right to expect that the tenant should not abuse the property and that the tenant will pay the rent on time.

About 40 states actually have landlord tenant laws, Wisconsin being one of them. I think the common issues are the same with almost all of the states.

The first one from a tenant's perspective - tenants certainly have the right to having a clean and habitable property to live in. They should expect that the property is being maintained according at least to the building codes, if not reasonable standards of the market. They should be able to have that expectation of habitable property in good maintenance.

With safety and security, there is only so much the landlord can do, but I think most properties are very wary of talking about the property being secure or having security because of the liabilities that go along with that. Nonetheless, everyone certainly has a level of expectation of safety where they live.

From the landlord's side, you would be expecting to have a resident that meets their obligations to the landlord. Those obligations are such things as payment of the rent on time, use but not abuse of the property, being good to their neighbors and being good neighbors to both the people around them and in the community. We tell tenants three things: 1) pay your rent on time 2) take care of the property and 3) don't disturb your neighbors. And when something goes wrong, call us. It's our job to resolve the disaster.

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