Common Menstrual Cycle Problems

Many women suffer fro mentrual cycle problems. Here is information about PMS, heavy periods, and the menstrual cycle.

Every woman that has a period understands the discomforts of it each month. But some women have more than the slight backache, irritability and stomach cramps that all women have come to know. There are women who experience side effects as nausea, severe cramps, and excessive bleeding. These symptoms should raise questions and a physician should be contacted.

Premenstrual syndrome is caused by hormone changes during the last half of the menstrual cycle. There are more than one hundred and fifty symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, including bloating, headaches, constipation, breast tenderness, and food cravings. These symptoms and others often disrupt a woman's social life and work, which only adds to the emotional roller coaster associated with premenstrual syndrome.

Researchers have found no cure, but they have found that a proper diet and exercise may lessen the effect of the symptoms. Women should eat regular and make sure meals include vegetables, fruits. Foods that are high in caffeine should be avoided. For those who crave sweets, instead of chocolate which is the most sought after, try fresh fruit which is naturally sweet. There are women who crave sweets and binge on them; this is not good, this only imbalance the blood sugar level, which only adds to the cravings.

There have been many studies about premenstrual syndrome and exercise. The studies find women who exercise more often tend to have less of a problem with premenstrual syndrome or it does not exist entirely.

Women who heavy periods are at a risk of iron loss, which can lead to anemia. It is recommended for women who do have heavy periods to include an iron supplement at the beginning of the period. It is also recommended to eat foods like poultry, fish, breads and cereals, and dried apricots. All these foods are rich in iron, at the same time include a vegetable or fruit high in vitamin C, which will help the body, absorb the iron.

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