Community Tips: Plan Clean-Up Day In Your Neighborhood

How to get your neighbors together for a day of cleaning and socializing. It is good for the area and security as well.

Getting your family involved in the community is a great way to raise well-rounded kids and really make a difference in your neighborhood. When kids learn to be unselfish and help other people, it builds character and makes them into good workers and respect their surroundings and the world that they live in. One way to get the whole family involved is to organize a community clean up day where everyone can get together and clean up trash, branches, old tires and anything else lying around where it shouldn't be.

To get everyone together, make up flyers announcing a meeting at your house or the church community house or other public gathering place. Indicate on the flyer that if unable to attend the meeting, they can still help by contacting you for details. This will take care of any people who couldn't make it to the meeting. At the meeting, tell your neighbors what your plan is and form groups for different areas of the neighborhood. A clean-up should only take a few hours if everyone helps. Try to put people in areas that are close to where they live to make it convenient for everyone. Decide on a meeting place and time for your clean-up day.

On the day of your clean-up, have everyone meet at the central location and hand out garbage bags and cardboard boxes for things like glass. Have refreshments available for all of your hard workers and a truck to take the garbage to the dump afterwards. This can simply be a pick up truck one of your neighbors owns. Put a time limit on the clean up as people could be cleaning all day, there is always work to be done, just have them get as much trash as possible in the limited time.

Suggest that community clean-up day be a yearly tradition and announce it in your local paper. If you call your local newspaper with the story, you can get more people to help you out!

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