Computer Care

Computer care tips to help you save on those expensive repair costs to your P.C.

As we went to turn the power on to our P.C. it started, then, after a few buzzes and whirls, and a puff of dark grey smoke, it ceased to be.

A quick call to our local technician, problem solved....until... one week later we received our invoice....$ 75.00 for 1/2 hours said that all that was needed was for the removal of dust etc from the motherboard.

Well, this got me thinking... "There must be some way that we can prevent things like this from happening," I thought over my cup of coffee.

So a quick phone call to a friend of mine who knew a lot more about P.C's than I do ..and sure enough I discovered that there was a good solution to this.

These are the simple ideas that he suggested that could prolong the life of your P.C.and save on those expensive repair bills:

Firstly make sure that all componentry is kept in a clean dry environment, not in any damp corners etc. as this could eventually deteriorate any circuit boards inside the machine.

Secondly: As soon as you are finished using your P.C. cover it with either a dust sheet, or even an old bed sheet will do the trick. This will save any dust from settling onto your P.C. after you have gone. As we know that dust will fall when there is no one in the room.

Third: make sure that keyboards, mouse joysticks, any power switches etc are kept clean on a regular basis.

You can do this simply with either some methylated spirits or a cotton wool bud. Use the cotton wool bud dipped in the meths to clean each of the keys on the keyboard and also in between the keyboard keys. This will prevent any dirt damaging your keyboard areas.

Also use the cotton wool bud to clean the mouse, especially the tracker ball, this should be done on a regular basis. You can do this by removing the tracker ball cover on the bottom of your mouse, then the ball should fall out.

Wipe the ball clean with a lint free cloth.

Inside the bottom of the mouse are three little white rollers. These need to be cleaned regularly, sometimes dust will come off using a pair of tweezers etc. or a needle.

Regularly clean your disk drives and CD-ROM drives by using the manufacturer-approved head cleaning disks, this will greatly prolong the life of your P.C.. Since receiving that nasty little bill, I have put the suggestions into practice.

Hopefully now I will not have to put up with that puff of grey smoke, and thus keep myself and my P.C. both happy.

Oh, and remember that whenever you carry out any cleaning etc. on your P.C. remember to always have the power switched off, otherwise you could be in for a shocking experience.

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