Computer Maintenance

Computer maintenance is crucial in order to guarantee the optimal performance of the computer.

In today's fast-paced technology-driven world, people depend almost wholeheartedly on their computers, even for the simplest of tasks. Businesses maintain maximum performance through the use of the most up-to-date technologies; schools keep better management of students through the use of computers and even the at-home mother can run her household more efficiently through the use of the home computer.

However, all this efficiency will be lost if computers are not maintained. The following points are just some of the ways to keep your computer clean for maximum performance.

1. When purchasing a computer remember to also purchase dust covers. As the name suggests these will help to prevent the build-up of dust on your computer's monitor, central processing unit (CPU) and keyboard and mouse.

2. When considering a location for the computer in your home or office, place in an area that is cool - an air-conditioned room is preferable - or in an area that will not accomodate the easy transmittal of dust to the computer, although this cannot be prevented. Placing the computer near an open window is not advisable, as this will make the computer most vulnerable to the elements, such as wind, dust and rain.

3. If one is serious about maintaining his/her computer for optimal performance then they should also seriously consider cleaning the comouter on a regular basis. This includes cleaning the monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse. The vacuuming of the inside of the CPU should also be done to eliminate the build-up of dust on valuable hardware. To undertake this task one should utilize the appropriate tools and have the proper understanding of what is to be done. If, however, this is not clear, then one should utilise the services of a trained technician, who can do this for a small fee.

4. Maintaing the optimum performance of ones computer also includes managing the files on the computer's hard-drive. Keeping files over two years old only means slowing down the speed of that computer. Once a file has been used and will not be used or needed for now, then that file can be deleted or saved onto a floppy disk and removed from the computer's hard-drive. Once the diskette is properly labelled concerning its contents, then that file can be found again. The computer will now have more space for other important documents.

5. Essential to the maintenance of a computer is the utilization of a good virus protection and detection software. Viruses are made daily and without the appropriate software can cause disastrous consequence for a computer's hard-drive. Investing in a good virus protection and detection software is essential.

If you follow these simple guidelines, which are by no means exhaustive, then you will be sure that your computer will run at its best. As such, for example, businesses should include this into their annual budgets for their own optimum performance to be guaranteed.

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