Computer Rental Solutions

By Michelle Leach

  • Overview

    Leasing a computer, not to be confused with rent-to-own, can be an attractive option for those who don't want to lug pricey equipment to a tradeshow or conference, for those who are training staff members or for employees working out of a temporary office. The process of renting a computer (and often related accessories and technology) is relatively simple. There are a number of online companies that rent and deliver computers to markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Just know what you need and what questions to ask so you get the right equipment and the right cost.
    • Step 1

      Know your audience and purpose. If you are making a presentation at a large convention or tradeshow, you may want to trade up to an 82-inch plasma screen, for example. Also be aware of lighting conditions which may also make larger LED screens more conducive.
    • Step 2

      Be aware of cost. Laptops and notebooks generally cost more to rent than less mobile desktops. In addition, delivery to a convention spot will cost more than office delivery. In most markets, a Pentium 4 desktop will set you back about $150 a week. Of course, rental rates are higher by the day and cheaper by the month.
    • Step 3

      Ask about tech support. Most companies should install the equipment for you upon delivery. You'll also want to make sure that the computer is checked and actually works to avert disaster the day of your big presentation. In addition, you'll want to get a mobile number to reach live support after hours in case something goes haywire.
    • Step 4

      Make a checklist of advanced specifications. If you need additional ram, advance graphics or additional software to be installed you'll want to write that down well in advance of your trip and notify the rental solutions company so they can match you to the right unit for your needs.
    • Step 5

      Don't fear extending your contract or terminating early. There are no binding contracts.You will not be charged penalties for changes to your initial contract. In fact, some companies offer rent-to-own option if you so choose. Also be aware that some rentals may be tax-deductible and most companies offer warranties from 40 to 90 days.
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