Computers Verses Webtv Units

Comparison of Computers and WebTV units. What works best for you?

Computers and Web TV units are the same in some ways, but contrast in others. A personal computer can do a lot more than a Web TV. I have always wanted a computer; two years ago with short funds, I had to settle for a Web TV unit. Enjoying the freedom of surfing the Internet, chatting, emailing, posting in newsgroups and creating websites, started to become boring. Certain times I couldn't view sites, chat in certain areas, post in other non-Web TV newsgroups, and what I wanted to do with my websites became limited, to what I could do. I started to get antsy; I needed a computer and fast. A year after I bought my Web TV unit we had enough funds to take a trip to Circuit City and buy a computer package. I was the happiest person alive that day that I brought my computer home. I quickly disconnected my Web TV unit and set up my computer.

A computer is a virtual playground. They allow you to communicate with another person using voice, video and text that could be either in HTML or Java Script form. HTML is a form of text that allows color, and graphics. Java Script is a form that has frames; is locked in a sense from non-users of a computer. The computer itself translates these forms of information into text. A computer will allow you to create your own CD's, watch DVD movies and to send video, voice and text in an email. Maybe you run a business. With a computer you can hold a meeting from your home, use spreadsheets, money programs for your bookkeeping, create many documents; what you can do is unlimited.

Do you like games, software, viewing creative animation; programs that will help you better you computer experience? If you answered yes, you are going to love that you can download. Downloading is a computer's companion. Downloading helps to keep the computer up to date, and enables you to do practically anything you could ever want. If you were to search the net and you came across a really cool game that you have always wanted, and you could get is for free, but you had to download, you can with a computer. With a computer, it is really a New World created just for you.

Web TV units are for starters: people who don't know too much about computers. They will allow you to research the net, chat in Web TV chat rooms, which you can only chat in HTML form, post in Web TV newsgroups, email, and create homepages. That's where it ends; you can't do much more with a Web TV unit. Web TV's just recently allowed their users the option of using an IM. With an Instant Messenger users are capable of being able to speak with anyone they wish, while on the computer. Downloading is unavailable with a Web TV unit. A user of a Web TV can only do what is programmed for the unit; as you can see, it isn't much.

Prices for each product are completely different. A computer can range from $500-$3000, depending on which package you choose. The Web TV unit stays around the $150-$250 price range. With a computer package it can start from just including the Hardware, to including the monitor, keyboard, printer, hardware, mouse, video camera and a scanner. The Web TV includes the black box and the keyboard. To have this box work there must be a television present along with a VCR, and cable wires. Web TV units require you to sign up for the Internet service. A computers need does not fully dedicate itself around the Internet, unless you want an Internet service.

Even though computers are more expensive and require more upkeep and products, they are better in a lot of ways. Computers are unlimited; Web TV Units are limited. Web TV units do not require you to do much to them, they pretty much baby sit themselves in a sense. Web TV units do not require an Anti virus shield, or maintenance, unlike computers which do. As you can see there are a lot of pros and cons for either one. A lot of consumers can see more Pros with a computer, more Cons with a Web TV. If you feel the need to interact by chatting and email, Web TV is what you want. If you want more, a computer is the way to go. It is all in the way of what you wish to have interaction for.

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