About Conference Calling Services

By Jade Balle

  • Overview

    If you have ever had an important message that you needed to disseminate to a large group of people at once, then you will be able to understand the practicality of conference calling services. Email is often the preferred choice for communicating with a large group of people, but some people still prefer a personal phone call. Conference calling services allow you to converse with many different people who are on the line at the same time.
  • Features

    Conference calling services allow you to have simultaneous conversations with many different parties at once. Some services allow you to have up to 149 additional callers, which unheard of for a regular phone call. Standard telephone conference using the three-way feature on a regular landline or cell phone are not as secure, either, because your conversation is dependent on a series of callers who may or may not know how to properly operate their phones. If one caller presses the wrong button, the whole conversation is ruined. With conference calling services, the call is facilitated by a third-party system that allows the users to call into a common number to participate in a conversation. Users can leave or enter the conversation easily and the call is never compromised due to their actions.
  • No-Cost Options

    There are many conference calling services that are offered at no cost to users, who just go to the conferencing service provider's website to set up a conference call using the online options. The only cost is the per-minute cost (if applicable) for your cell phone or landline service. These services offer free conferencing because they realize that it will probably draw in business users who prefer better features, such as a free call into the system for their clients and recordings.

  • Recordings

    For a fee, many conference calling services allow you to keep recordings of your conversations. For instance, if you are conferencing with a lawyer and his client, you can have a clear record of what was said. This evidence can even be presented in court if necessary. This feature may be invaluable to users who participate in complicated arrangements.
  • Security

    The security of these conference calls is assured by most providers, but some users may still question whether calls are being recorded or monitored without their permission. In the case of a confidential call regarding proprietary business information, this could be a serious issue, and it may be safer to use conference calling services only when the subject matter is not top secret information.
  • Benefits

    Business owners and busy individuals are constantly on the lookout for new services that can make their work and lives easier. If you consider all of the features offered, conference calling services are ideal for people who run charitable and social organizations, businesses with telecommuting workers, and groups who are planning special events like family reunions and weddings.
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