How to Connect a Lexmark Printer to an Everex Computer

By Nichole Liandi

  • Overview

    Everex manufactures basic, low-priced computers that are available from a variety of retail outlets. To most Everex computer users, a printer will be one of the first peripherals they'll want to add. Here's a simple way to connect a Lexmark printer (a popular brand) to your Everex computer.
    • Step 1

      Decide where you'll place your printer. You'll want your printer to be in a location that is adjacent to power outlets, and also within the range of a cable reaching from the PC to the printer. Keep the printer in a location that's easy to clean and access.
    • Step 2

      Locate the USB input on your Everex computer. Depending on your specific model, you'll probably find USB inputs on both the front and the back. For connecting a printer, it makes sense to use the connections on the back, leaving the front connections free for devices you'll connect only occasionally, like digital cameras or iPods.
      How to Connect a Lexmark Printer to an Everex Computer
      How to Connect a Lexmark Printer to an Everex Computer

    • Step 3

      Examine your Lexmark printer for its inputs. More current models feature both a parallel port and a USB connection, while older models may only have a parallel port. The printer may or may not come with a matching cable--it depends upon the model of printer.
    • Step 4

      Connect your printer to the computer. If both have a USB input, use a USB cable. They're inexpensive, fast and reliable. If your printer has a parallel port, you'll need a USB to parallel port cable (see Resources below).
    • Step 5

      Test your printer. If the computer doesn't recognize the printer, go to the Lexmark website for manual information or to download the correct driver (see Resources below).
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • USB cable
    • Printer driver (optional)
    • USB to parallel cable adapter (optional)

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