Why To Conserve Water And How To Do It

For the why and how of conserving water, read on.

Take a few minutes and think about your water, all over the country we have an increasing population, water pollution and rising water costs. We need to learn to use water more efficiently and we can, I have a few suggestions.

Really, it is easier than you think: just follow a few of my helpful hints and you'll reduce your water and energy bills.

Let's first talk about the bathroom where we use a lot of water, think about installing a low flow toilet, every time you flush you will save two to five gallons of water. Try flushing less, you really don't need to flush after every use. If you don't want to change out the toilet, try his hint, fill up a one quart plastic bottle, cap it and put it in a corner of the toilet tank, this will displace some of the water when the tank fills up and you'll be saving when you flush. Please don't use bricks as they deteriorate in time and can damage your toilet. Now for the showerhead, you can install a low-flow showerhead and reduce the flow of water for taking a shower from perhaps 8-10 gallons down to 2.5 or even less. Keep those showers short, don't just stand in the shower enjoying the flow of water instead of spending that time with the water flowing to get clean, which is why you got in the shower in the first place.

Now let's discuss the kitchen: don't use the dishwasher until you have a full load. When you wash dishes by hand don't leave the water running as a running faucet can use up to 5 gallons of water a minute. You can also install a low flow aerator on your kitchen sink. Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator to keep from running the tap water till it is really cool.

Outside the home, think about the water that you use in your yard: water only when your plants need it and then slowly and deeply. Water during the early morning or late evening and lose less water to evaporation. Avoid watering the sidewalk and driveway, position the sprinklers so that the water goes where it does thte good. Place mulch around your trees and plants, this keeps the soil moist longer. If it's affordable install a water efficient irrigation system, such as a drip system which delivers water directly to your plants.

When washing your car cut off the water hose when you are soaping down the car, turn back on when you are ready to rinse. Be sure to always keep an accurate check out for hoses with leaks and repair or replace quickly, also leaking faucets and couplings can waste water. To check for those hidden leaks in your pipes, shut off all faucets and taps around the house for l5 minutes then go check your water meter to see if there is movement.

Did you realize that the water in your home is usually used in this percentage, toilets 33%, showers 21%, baths 9%, washing machine 22%, dishwasher 3% and faucets 12%. So everytime you cut down on the waste on these uses of water you are saving on your water usuage.

Get all of the family members together and explain these helpful hints and by the time your next water bill arrives I just know you will have extra money to spend on something else.

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