About Console Car Seats for Dogs

By Liisa Sullivan

  • Overview

    About Console Car Seats for Dogs
    About Console Car Seats for Dogs
    Want to keep Fifi close by? Does Mr. Jeepers get jittery when he travels? A dog console seat may be the answer. Dog console car seats are designed for small dogs, typically no more than 6 to 8 lb. They are perfect for poodles, terriers and chihuahuas and are easy to install.
  • Safety Hazards

    Traveling with dogs that are not properly secured can pose safety hazards. They can interfere with pedal control and hinder vision. Some dogs have even been known to accidentally hit the shift stick with their paws and switch gears while the driver is in motion. These are all things that you want to avoid.
  • Dog Car Consoles

    Dog car consoles allow your dog to ride close by in safety and comfort. They come with straps to install on your center car console and fit securely between the passenger and driver seat. They also include a safety harness to keep your dog in place in its console. Booster consoles sit up high so your dog can see out while remaining safe and comfortable.

  • Types

    There are many different styles and colors to choose from. You can get something in plaid, polka dot or even a leopard pattern. There is also a wide array of material, but most have a faux lambswool interior with a removable pleather exterior for easy washing. Some are quilted, while others have panels. Others are made out of microfiber for ultimate comfort. Pillow thickness varies depending on cost. On average, the cost is about $59, but they can be found for less or much more; it all depends on how much you want to invest in Fido.
  • Dog Console Beds

    Many dog console beds also come with carrying straps. After your drive, you can keep your dog in its console and carry it to its destination. In addition, when not being used in the car, you can keep it in your home and create a cozy space for your pooch.
  • Retailers

    Most pet stores carry dog consoles. Visit your local pet store to learn more, or check out different styles online. You will be amazed by the number of options available. One good source to start with is Snoozer Products (see Resources). Or, if you are the crafty type, and have a sewing machine, you may be able to make your own. You can find most of the materials needed such as faux fleece at craft and fabric stores.
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