Constipated Baby: What Can You Do?

There are many reason your baby can become constipated. Here are some ways you can prevent and treat constipation in your child.

It can be very painful to see your baby constipated. But there are some things you can do to relieve as well as prevent constipation in your child.

Is your child really constipated? Passing one stool per day is normal. Look for dry hard stools and if your baby has not passed a stool in two or more days. If you notice that your baby is constantly straining to pass stool constipation may be the culprit. Constipation is more likely to strike when your child begins consuming solid food. Check with your physician before giving your baby a laxative.

You can prevent constipation by breastfeeding your child. The compounds in breast milk are designed for baby thus it is very digestible. Formula does not contain the same make up as breast milk that is why formula fed babies is more likely to develop hard stools resulting in constipation.

See if you are preparing the formula correctly. You may not be preparing the formula correctly. If it is too concentrated, it may cause constipation.

You may also find it helpful to switch formulas. There are now formulas that are available that claim to have proteins that are more digestible for your child.

If your child is now eating solid foods, you can introduce more fruits and/or vegetables into his or her diet. Prune juice is a natural laxative, which may also help. Also supplementing with water may help the constipation.

Massaging your baby helps your child relax and may help your baby pass the stool. Some suggests that if you move your baby's legs in a circular motion it also may help your baby pass the stool.

Bananas and rice have are believed to cause constipation. So if your child suffers from constipation cut them out of his or her diet.

If none of these remedies or helpful, consult your pediatrician. Don't give any medications without consulting first.

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