Consumer Complaint Help

Help with filing a consumer complaint. How to properly complain and have your complaint heard.There are millions of people every day that are dissatisfied with a service or product.

In America almost every shopper at one point in time has been dissatisfied with the service or the product they have received. Some of these complaints are about the attitude of the employees and how they were treated, others are completely misled by false advertising and some are just taken for suckers.

Of all the dissatisfied consumers only one-fourth file a complaint with a consumer complaint agency. The majority of consumer just let it go, but this is the reason that we have such problems as fraud and down right stealing. Consumers need to complain, and there are a few simple steps to make sure complaint heard.

The first thing you need to do is have your facts straight, make sure you have the correct dates for each incident that happened. If you a have an incorrect date on a complaint about an employee's attitude and the employee was not working that day, the business or the complaint agency may dismiss it. If purchases were made have all the receipts to show when and how much was paid for an item. Also, be clear and straight to the point about what you want done to solve the problem. Do you want a repair, a replacement or a refund? There are certain rules you need to remember, if your asking for a refund or replacement you will need to prove that there is a problem or that it is not what you wanted or what the business said it was to be.

Finally, you need to set deadlines. The consumer must be in control or it can be drawn out for many months or even years. Setting deadlines will help speed along the process in many cases. Also, check with your District Attorney's Office to see what you can do if the other party does not keep up their end of the bargain. Above all else be professional in all your letters and the way to handle the situation, because being rude or calling names will not get your complaint recognized.

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