Consumer Guide: Choosing A Laundry Station

How to design, build, and set up a custom laundry room or station in your home, including storage and shelving ideas, appliances and accessories.

Laundry is often a dreaded chore for many people. One way to make this task a little less daunting is to carefully choose a laundry station. Here are some great ideas whether you have limited space in an apartment, a full basement area, or if you have enough space to start your very own laundry mat. If you are lucky enough to be a home builder, you are lucky enough to have the advantage of pre planning for your laundry station.

The size of your family needs to be considered when choosing a laundry station. Are your children still living at home or are they grown and gone? The needs of your family need to be addressed also. Do your youngsters play sports? If so, a personal locker (either built or purchased) for each child is a great so that they may store their sports items. Does your spouse work in the oil field or in a business suit? If someone works in the oil field, it may be beneficial to separate their clothing from the rest of the clothing. In fact, you may even want to take "greasers" to a laundry mat. Will you need your laundry area to be a "mud room" area? People who work outside might find it handy to have a "mud room" to leave their dirty and muddy shoes or boots as they enter your home. These are definitely situations you should think about when purchasing appliances and planning for your laundry station.

Make your laundry room cheery by adding your own special touch or sparkle. A laundry room with a wooden craft sign that spells out the word LAUNDRY on it. Pick up a beautiful basket and place some colored clothespins in it to brighten up your laundry area. Often, you can find some really cute items for your laundry station at craft shows. So, next time pick up an item or two to make your laundry station unique.

Simple Basic Laundry Station for Small Spaces

Compact Washer and Compact Dryer


Washer/Dryer Combo


Stacked Washer/Dryer Unit

Over the Door or Portable Ironing Board


Tension pole (to hang clothing on)

Basic Shelving (for storing laundry detergent/dryer sheets)

Simple Basic Laundry Station for Small Rooms

Washer and Dryer

Shelving (rolling shelves are easy to move in and out of your laundry area)

Sorting Baskets

Over the Door or Portable Ironing Board


Tension pole or clothing rack

Garage Area Laundry Station

Washer and Dryer


Sorting Baskets

Over the Door or Portable Ironing Board


Rolling Clothing Racks

Deluxe Luxury Laundry Station

Washer and Dryer

Shelving or Built In Cabinets

Surface Area (to fold clothes on)

Sink (for washing out those pesky stained clothes)

Built In Ironing Board

Extra Deluxe Luxury Laundry Station

Washer and Dryer

Shelving or Custom Built Cabinets

Folding Area

Large Sink Area

Built In Ironing Board


Clothing Rack Poles or Portable Clothing Racks

After your laundry station is finished, make sure to use some of the following helpful hints to keep the area clean and tidy. If you will take proper care of your laundry station and your appliances they will provide you with longer lasting service.


Clean out lint and don't overload the machine.

Ironing Board:

Make sure you have a pad and cover on the board at all times.


Iron cleaning products can be found at home product centers or your local super centers. Make sure to occasionally use these to keep your iron clean.

Lint Filter(s):

Always EMPTY your filters completely. If necessary, use a duster to get any extra lint out of the filter area.

Dryer Vent:

Occasionally check the dryer vent for cracks and built up lint. Make sure to keep the dryer vent clean. If it isn't clean, it can often increase the possibility of how slow and how hot the dryer will become.

Handy items you might like to keep in your laundry station may include the following: clothespins, starch, distilled water, dish soap, laundry soap, fabric softener, fabric sheets, a feather duster, a bucket of rags, a small jar or bowl for change (often found hiding in the pockets of the pants), bleach, and various types of hangers.

These are some great ideas. Hopefully, you will be able to incorporate them into your laundry station area. No matter how wonderful your laundry station is though - you still have to DO the laundry!

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