Consumer Guide To Pool Equipment And Accessories

Finish off your home pool collection with these common and important accessories and additions!

The game of pool is perfect for a home table or downstairs basement. But owning a pool table is only the first step towards having the complete pool experience. For the serious collector, here is a variety of pool equipment and accessories that go along with the table, designed to make your home pool environment as comfortable and complete as possible.

Cues: Pool cues come in a variety of sizes and designs, from the basic wooden cues commonly made from maple, to expensive titanium and graphite cues, designed for professionals. Some cues are collapsible, with screw-in segments that allow the cue to be taken apart and transported easily. Most cues come in two or three pieces, but the most basic models are one piece. Cues can also be ordered with a variety of designs, instead of the basic wooden models. Paint and graphic designs can be personalized, to fit into your home or playing environment, or to highlight a personal touch.

Cue Accessories: Basic cue sticks must be kept in proper playing condition, and this requires a number of additional accessories. Replacement tips are cheap and easy to find, but can help improve the performance of an old or used stick. Replacement tips come in both screw-in and push-on varieties, as come with glue to keep them more securely in place. Chalk is another important factor for cue performance. Basic blue chalk cubes are important, improving control of the ball and eliminating slippage. Other types and colors of chalk are also available.

Cue Racks: In addition to cues, there should be some place to store them. Wooden cue stands are commonly sold, or can be made by the do-it-yourself pool fan. Cue racks can hold dozens of cues upright, displaying them proudly and keeping them ready for play. Smaller cue cases can be found to hold 2 or 3-piece cues, allowing for easy transportation, or to store cues and protect them from damage.

Pool Balls: Another necessity for any pool table, a rack of good cue balls is essential for game play. Depending on the type of table and the game you wish you play, numbered pool balls, snooker balls, or billiard balls are all available. Personalized balls are also an option, with a chosen design or logo added to the surface of the ball. For lost or replacement balls, single pool balls can be ordered as well.

Ball Accessories: In addition to the basic set of pool balls, a rack to hold the balls is essential, for the times when the table is not in use. These have a place for all the balls as well as the cue ball, and can be found in the basic plastic tray design, or in a nicer box or cabinet style. In order to rack up the balls properly during the game, a pool triangle is also important, and is a cheap and easy addition to your equipment. The cheapest triangles are made out of durable plastic, but more expensive and nicer models can be found in hardwood, to match your table.

Rests: For more experienced players, a cue rest may be important to increase reach and steady the cue on the harder shots. Cue rests are a basic cue stick with a metal or plastic head attached to one end, to hold the player's cue and steady it at a distance. There are a variety of designs for cue rests, including basic X and hook-shaped heads, to the more complicated U-shaped and butt-rest cue styles. Rest heads can be bought separately as well and then attached to a basic pool cue, turning an extra cue into a functional rest.

Pool-Themed Furniture: For an additional touch of pool for your den or basement, pool-themed furniture can be a great idea. Clocks and table lamps featuring billiard balls and cues are a common idea, and posters or other decorations can be included as well. Similarly, wooden wall-mounted marking boards can be a nice way to keep score of your pool games in a decorative way. And as table lighting is important, a green or shaded hanging lamp over the pool table can add a bar-room feel to a table.

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