Consumer Review: Electric Pressing Comb Benefits And Comparison

electric pressing combs benefits and comparison to traditonal pressing combs.

Electric pressing combs are quickly becoming the preferred method of use for consumers to straighten hair. There are several benefits to using electric pressing combs rather than the traditional pressing comb, which can be more of a hassle. The perks to using an electric comb are saved time, heat consistency, and the ability to touch up the hair at a moment's notice. An electric pressing comb is can be a woman's best beauty find.

One of the best things about an electric pressing comb is it can save you lots of time. Traditional pressing combs are heated via the stovetop burner while electric pressing combs are heated via an electrical outlet. Electric pressing combs heat up within a few seconds and can be used instantly. You can straighten your entire head of hair within five to fifteen minutes depending on the length and thickness of your hair, whereas with a traditional pressing comb, straightening of the hair can take from anywhere between fifteen minutes to an hour. When time is of the essence and straight hair is a must, an electric pressing comb is the best tool for the job.

Another benefit of electric pressing combs is the heat consistency. When heated, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the comb. Since the comb is heated through an electrical outlet it will stay heated the entire time the comb is being used. Unlike the traditional pressing comb, it does not have to be constantly reheated. The even heat makes you less susceptible to burns as well. Many of the electric pressing combs come with a variety of heat settings ranging from low heat to extra heat and some can even memorize your preferred heat setting. An added bonus to electric pressing combs is they come with an auto shut off feature that turns the comb off when it has not been used in a series of minutes. This bonus safety feature can save you from having a house fire and from accidental burns.

An electric pressing comb is great to use for quick touch ups to previously straightened hair. Whether it is an attack of the frizzes or you would just like a smoother look to your hair, electric pressing combs work best. Especially, if time is something you do not have a lot of and you are in a hurry. Since electric pressing combs only require an electrical outlet for use, they can be used virtually everywhere. Many manufactures now have them available in travel sizes or include a travel case with regular size ones. Now you can give yourself a quick touch up before a date or important business meeting.

Electric pressing combs are wonderful, however, they do have some downsides. When compared to traditional pressing combs they come in second. While they are a lot less time consuming, maintain consistent heat, are perfect for touch ups, and can be safer to use there are two major differences. Electric pressing combs cannot give you the same perfectly straightened hair look as a traditional pressing comb. Also, the length of time your hair remains straightened will be considerably less compared to the length of time your hair remains straight when using a traditional pressing comb. The electric pressing comb simply cannot reach the level of hotness as the traditional pressing comb. The hotter the comb, the straighter the hair will be. The straighter the hair, the longer it will remain straight needing less touch ups. Hair that is straightened with an electric pressing comb can go average of three days without a touch up. Hair that is straightened with a traditional pressing comb can withstand a week without needing a touch up. Depending on your needs, an electric pressing comb can be exactly what you need.

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