How to Be Content Being Single After a Bad Breakup

Breakups are never fun, even if the decision to end a relationship is right for both partners. However, if you're attempting to move on from a particularly difficult breakup, you're probably nervous at the thought of being single again. This can be especially scary, if you were in a committed relationship for a long time and haven't been single in years. It is possible though, to move on with your life, let go of your relationship and enjoy your brand new, free single life.

  1. Accept that your relationship is over and that -- while the right person for you is out there somewhere -- it's going to take time to meet them. Assuming that you'll quickly be in a new relationship isn't the way to be truly content in the meantime. Realize that plenty of people are single and happy with their status, and that in time you'll get there too.

  2. Better yourself. Now that you have plenty of free time to engage in healthy activities and hobbies that will make you happy, redesign your life to truly fit your interests. Engage in physical activities that you'll enjoy and that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pick up old hobbies that you've let fall by the wayside. Make sure that everything you're doing is healthy - you don't want to move on from a breakup by falling victim to drugs, excess alcohol and other unhealthy habits.

  3. Reunite with your social circle. Having the support of close friends and family is especially important when you're going through a breakup. However, it's also necessary to simply spend time with people who you can have fun with. Make sure to lean on those closest to you for help through tough times and when you're feeling good or need a lift, head out for a fun-filled night with your carefree circle of friends.

  4. Enjoy this time of your life. While you're single, you can run your life completely on your own schedule. Other than work and family commitments, your time is your own. You can spend time with whomever you choose, whether you're with friends or playing the dating field. Sow whatever wild oats you feel you might have - this may be the last time in your life that you're single. Your "wild oats" may be living on your own, picking up a brand new hobby, giving yourself a makeover or dating without settling down.

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