Controlling Yard Pests

We enjoy being outdoors in our very own yards, but, we have visitors that want to feed on us! What can we do to control yard pests?

The outdoors is wonderful, to walk in the garden to exercise to sit under the canopy of greenery and contemplate nature. It is understood and taken for granted that insects have their place in this world of ours. Some good and some bad much like us. However, the moment I step out of doors seems to be the moment one lands on me! Of course, it is not the vegetarian kind, but the one who loves my blood and me!

Have you ever tried to be smarter than that pesky bug? Well I have, and I am reluctant to admit it, but I think his gray matter is more than mine, for I don't always win the bug and man battle. There are a few ideas on how to get ahead of these minute little creatures, so lets think about it.

There is the option of spraying chemicals in the yard. Yes it will work, however it will kill the beneficial insects as well as the annoying ones. You will also breathe in the fumes somewhat despite the care taken. Spraying a little repellent may be the better idea, and if weather permits, (not too hot) layer clothing.

Garbage is a great come on for insects, locate it far enough away from your recreation area in the yard so as not to attract insects. You can compost your vegetables instead of placing them in the garbage. They are less attracted to a compost pile than to a garbage can. Clean the animal pens if any, you may have close to your home, remove the waste a distance from the house.

Bugs do not like breezy areas, and this would need to be taken into consideration when planning to build a new home, place patio or deck on a breezy hillside instead of lower wind protected area. Plants that attract bees need to be grown further away from the patio at a distance that will keep them somewhat away from you. There are herbs that when planted near decks will discourage the insects attacks. Products claim to help this dilemma, such as scented coils and candles.

Encourage the bird visitors to your yard, they love insects and will deplete the amount of bugs significantly and quickly. Place water, shelter, nesting sites and food for birds, close to your backyard. Check books in your local library on attracting birds to your yard, for detailed information. The toad will eat a huge amount of bugs, so instead of being disgusted by its appearance welcome the creature to your yard; he can be a great help. Screening in your porch or gazebo will stop insects, you will continue to have the pleasant feeling of "outdoors" yet be protected.

There is a plant called "shoo fly" which can work very well detouring annoying bugs. It is an annual that will most generally re-sow itself for the coming season. It produces small light purple flowers and a "lantern like" seed pod. Some other insect discouraging plants are, nasturtium, marigold dill, horseradish, mint, garlic, sassafras to mention a few.

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