Cookie Birthday Party Idea

A cookie party is a fun, original and easy way to make your little girl's birthday celebration special and memorable.

Your little girl's birthday is a very special occasion, and making the party one to remember can be easier than you think. Why not throw a "cookie party"? This original and affordable birthday party idea is a great way for your daughter and her friends to have fun spending time together. When the party's over, instead of the same old goodie bag, they will have created charming edible artwork in the form of delicious cookies to share with their family.

This type of birthday party is messy by nature, so make sure all surfaces - including the floor - are covered by newspaper or otherwise protected from sticky spills. Also, remember to let your guests' parents know ahead of time to dress their young partygoers in practical, easy to clean clothes rather than fancy party wear.

There are two different approaches to the "cookie party" concept. One is to prepare the cookie dough ahead of time (or use tubes of pre-made sugar cookie dough, available at most grocery stores in the refrigerated section). All your guests will need to do is decorate the cookies and help arrange them on the baking pan. This option is a good one if your daughter and her friends are somewhat younger, if there will be more than six girls attending, or if you simply want things to be a little less messy.

For the more adventurous parent, have your favorite sugar cookie recipe ready and be sure to stock up all the necessary ingredients. Having the girls measure, stir and shape the cookie dough themselves might cause more mess, but it also causes lots of giggles, floury noses and general silliness.

When preparing for the party, use wax paper to set up a "decorating station" on an appropriate surface such as the kitchen table (or even outside at the patio table if the weather is cooperative). The decorating station should be stocked with different items such as small tubes of icing in a variety of flavors, small candies such as chocolate chips and colored balls, and powdered sugar in a variety of colors. All of these decorating items are available in the baking supplies aisle at your supermarket at prices that are quite reasonable. Picking them out together will be fun for you and the birthday girl.

Encourage the girls to be creative and original in decorating their cookies. It's a great way for them to express themselves creatively. Older girls can customize their cookies with names or pictures drawn in icing, while younger ones will enjoy the process of choosing which colors and candies to use as they create their own designs.

While the cookies are in the oven, give your guests can get cleaned up and the birthday girl can open her gifts and blow out her candles.

Have plastic bags with decorative ribbons ready for each guest, so that once their artistic creations have baked and cooled, they will have an easy way to take them home and share them with their families.

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