Cooking Advice: Tips For A Cooking Crisis

Tips for every homemaker if and when a cooking crisis comes.

You're a housewife, or a mom who also juggles a career on top of taking care of the kids. Either way, you're stuck with planning, preparing and cooking your family's meal everyday, especially every night.

But what if you get too caught up with doing house chores the whole day, or too exhausted to even cook a sumptuous meal for hubby and the kids later that night? Or what if, while on your way home from work, you get stuck in a monster traffic jam and you're too tired to take out the frying pan when you get home?

Yes, being a wife and/or a career woman with a family is like being an efficient manager -- you must be ready to cope with the best and worst of times, and it's usually you having to face a cooking crisis.

You're not totally helpless. Here are some tips to help you face even the worst cooking crisis in the world:

THINK OF THE WORST! Get pessimistic, in a good way. Always work with the worst-case scenario in your mind. You'll be able to cover all bases and think of possible solutions to your potential cooking problems. Think, "What if I can't do the grocery today?" From there, you can plan what you can do.

SAVE YOUR STRENGTH! This simply means you have to prioritize. If you're pressed for time, then save your strength for the must-have cooking chores. It's always best to write a list. Number it from 1 to 10 according to what's most important and what can make the most difference (canned goods, instant food, etc).

SQUARE MEALS! Be ready to cook at the most three square meals for three days without water or electricity. Choose food that tastes good whether it's cold or warm, and which won't spoil after having been cooked and not eaten for two days even without a freezer.

CANNED FOOD! Go for canned food. It's always advisable to stock several cans of processed food in your cupboard. Again, you never know when you and your family will be forced to eat out of the can.

HOT WATER! Always keep a thermos bottle filled with hot water. This will allow you and your kids mix coffee, instant cereals and instant food.

Follow the above tips and you'll be cooking your way through a crisis without much worry and frustration!

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