Cooking With Tofu

Try these tofu cooking ideas!

Tofu has become an everyday, run-of-the-mill word, but what the heck do you do with that foreign looking stuff once you take it out of its neat little package? Just about anything!

Although tofu has become increasingly popular over the past few years, many people still don't know what it is or what to do with it. If you are a vegetarian or eat health food regularly, if you shop in health food stores or have a vegetarian friend, or if you are trying to follow a healthier lifestyle, you might already be familiar with tofu.

When you buy a package of tofu, first check the date. Even if the date is okay, you will notice if the tofu is bad because it will have a horrendous odor. If you are new to tofu and don't know whether it is good or bad, ask an experienced friend or call the company who made it. It's important to eat tofu that is fresh.

Wash your tofu when you take it out of its package. Follow the instructions on the package, and you will learn how to clean it and how to store your leftovers.

There are different kinds of tofu, such as silken and firm and extra firm. Experiment with the different kinds to see which you like. Silken tofu is very soft, as you can imagine. Firm tofu is tougher and better for certain recipes.

You can do tons of things with tofu. You can eat it cold, you can cook it, bake it, fry it, and many other things. You can follow certain recipes, or you can make up your own. Soy, of which tofu is made, is extremely healthy. You can check out your nearest bookstore or library to learn more about tofu. Or try the Internet.

Many restaurants now serve foods with tofu. Thai food restaurants, Chinese restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, and even more mainstream restaurants offer tofu products.

With tofu, you have many choices. You might want to consider the following possibilities:

- scrambled tofu

- tofu balls instead of meatballs

- stir-fry with tofu

- baked tofu

- tofu lasagna

- spaghetti and tofu/tomato sauce

Oftentimes you will find that you can replace meat with tofu. For instance, try scrambled tofu instead of scrambled eggs. It can be a lot healthier, especially if you are concerned about your cholesterol. To learn more about the health benefits of tofu, do some research. A lot of information is available to learn more about this product.

You might need a little time to get used to tofu. If you are used to chicken soup, you might find it strange and different at first to have tofu floating in your soup. Also experiment with different spices. While one spice might jazz up your tofu, another might not be something you enjoy. You will find that some companies that make tofu allow you to buy it pre-baked and/or pre-spiced. Your local health food store should be full of possibilities.

If you are wary of trying tofu at home, try it in a restaurant first. Restaurants cooks that cook tofu know what to do with it to make it taste good! If you're like a lot of other people out there, you might just end up loving tofu. You might also find that you love the health benefits. Happy tofu hunting!

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