Cool Air Without The Air Conditioning

Cool air without the air conditioning: with the high cost of electricity it is necessary to cut cost, air conditioning may be comfortable but it is also costly.

Air conditioning as a great invention and does a wonderful job of keeping us cool, but in the summer months it can be expensive. There are ways to cool the house without using air conditioning and at the same time cut down the electric expense. There are a variety of house fans that are available that can cool a house just a well as the air conditioner and at half the expense. The most important part is knowing how to use them.

Oscillating fans are available but they are known for circulating air, not for pulling cool air in and pushing hot air out. The fan for this ventilating fans. Ventilating fans can be places in windows; they should be placed in the windows that are at the shady parts of the house. This will allow the fan to pull in the cool air and push out the hot air. When a window is chosen for that fan this is the only one that should be open, all others should be shut and blinds or curtains should be closed to keep the hot sun out.

There are three basic types of ventilating fans: attic fans, window fans and box fans. The attic fan is a fan that is permanently attached. This fan pulls larger amounts of air in and cools larger areas. When using this type of fan remember to keep windows and door closed. If insects pose a problem, screens can be added.

Window fans are made specifically for windows and are set up like window air conditioners. They can be permanently attached at that particular window and will serve one to two rooms comfortably. These have several speeds that can be adjusted and most come with insect screens also.

The last type of fan is a box fan; these are portable fans that can be moved from room to room. They can be put in a window, but it is recommended to use with the window screen and in a shady window.

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