How to Cope with Wife's Depression

By Courtney Spratley

Depression experienced by a spouse can be damaging to a relationship. When a wife is depressed, the entire relationship suffers emotional conflict. Although a husband might not understand why his wife is depressed, he should still take steps to support her during this troubling time. Properly coping with a wife during depression will be the difference between restoring the marriage or divorce.

  1. Alleviate any feelings of guilt and regret concerning your wife's depression. According to Washington University, an estimated 17.5 million Americans are affected by depression. The disease is common, and often stems from unresolved emotional issues. Instead of feeling guilty, resolve to help your wife though this troubling time.

  2. Learn more about the disease and its causes. According to Help Guide, biological causes of depression include premenstrual problems, pregnancy and infertility, postpartum depression and menopause. Other causes of depression include relationship problems, stress, body changes, or a history of physical and sexual abuse. Should your wife be experiencing any of these things, chances are they are contributing to her depression.

  3. Seek professional treatment for your wife's depression. Seek therapy for a licensed professional, who will treat her depression. If prescribed, encourage your wife to take antidepressants until she gets better.

  4. Encourage your wife to make simple lifestyle changes to improve her mental and physical well-being. Help Guide suggests that she incorporates exercise, yoga and meditation into her workout to reduce depression symptoms. Help your wife reduce the alcohol, salt and fatty foods in her diet to improve her nutrition.

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