Coping With A Terminal Diagnosis

A step by step guide on coping with a terminal diagnosis. This article helps both the cancer victim and other family members to deal with the painful life changes, as well as the stages of death that accompany this catastrophic illness.

First of all, ask many questions of your physician. He or she can help you to understand your cancer diagnosis. Here are a few questions that may shed some light on the subject.

Here is a list of questions to ask your doctor.

1. What is the stage of my illness?

2. Are there treatment options available to me?

3. Do you recommend treatment?

4. Will the treatment decrease my quality of life?

5. What are my chances of survival?

6. How long can I expect to live?

I know that these are some very difficult questions to ask about yourself or a loved one, but these questions will help to pinpoint your diagnosis. These questions will also help the cancer victim and his or her family members to begin dealing with the appropriate stage of illness. Yes, unfortunately, in most cases, that means dealing with death.

Dealing with cancer can be both an enlightening and spiritual experience. Yes, it is hard to see those that you love staring death in the face. Yes, it is acceptable to cry. Don't push them away. Embrace them, holding them close. Tell them that you love them. Seeing the person that you love reaching out to you for help is a humbling experience. Feeling the joy of sharing and giving to that loved one is what will help you get you through this very trying time.

Many times, we can not see the fearfulness, insecurities, or the imperfections of those that we love. Dealing with a terminal diagnosis can change all of that. This is true of the death of a parent, spouse, or child. When a family is dealing with death, they become aware of just how precious life is. A grieving family must deal with the pain of losing one of its brightest members, which is a torturous experience. You must not forget that this can be a time of reunion and joy also.

The time preceding the impending death is a gift. Unfortunately, many times, it takes an illness for us to reconnect, bonding us closer. It is a shame that it takes painful, life-changing events to help us to put things into sharp focus. Often, our perspective is clouded by the very things that make our loved ones precious to us- their human qualities that make them so special. It is a shame that dire circumstances must occur for us to treasure what we've had for so long.

Appreciate what you have now. Read this article and try to see the beauty in everyone that is special to you. Realize how the love that your feel for your family is the most precious emotion that you will ever experience. Reach out to family members that you love, and accept them despite their frailties. If you open your heart and soul, you shall receive the beautiful light that shines within them.

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