Cornish Hen Recipe

Here is a delicious Cornish Hen recipe that can be cooked in the Crockpot. This recipes is simple, easy and serves a delicious meal.

Want a good meal but won't have time to prepare one when you get home? Here is a delicious way to prepare cornish hens in the crockpot while you're away for the day.

Crockpot Cornish Hens


2 Cornish hens


1 cup of butter, melted

½ tablespoon of pepper

½ tablespoon of nutmeg

½ tablespoon of ginger

½ tablespoon of ground thyme

½ tablespoon of cinnamon


Thaw hens' overnight.

Wash hens in warm water.

Mix remaining ingredients together in butter.

Baste hens with ½ of mixture.

Fill crockpot with water until bottom is about ¼ full.

(If crockpot is not big enough for two hens, you may place in two separate ones. Just half recipe for each hen.)

Place hens inside crockpot. Spread remaining mixture over hens.

Turn on low.

Cook for eight hours or until done.

If you will be gone less than eight hours, you may turn crockpot on high. Hens will be done in four hours or so.

When removing from crockpot, be careful. Hens will be very tender and tend to fall off the bones.

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