How to Get Corporate Credit Cards

By Stephanie Mojica

  • Overview

    Getting corporate credit cards for any business, whether it is operated from home or in a traditional office, can be a challenge. However, by taking the right steps and patiently building a credit record, it is more than possible to attain a sizable amount of corporate credit in a relatively short amount of time. The key is to have a profitable, incorporated business with proper documentation, and to always pay all credit accounts on time.
    • Step 1

      Incorporate your business and get an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service (if you have not done so already). The requirements for each state are posted by the United States Government (see Resources). For corporate-credit purposes, you are best served not by establishing an LLC, but a full corporation.
    • Step 2

      List your business telephone number in 411, if it is not already available through directory assistance. You can use a home or cell- phone number for this purpose. It makes getting corporate credit easier.

    • Step 3

      Join a bank or credit union and get a business checking account (if you have not already). This is an essential step for any corporation and important for paying corporate credit bills.
    • Step 4

      Apply for office-supply corporate credit cards, such as Staples and/or Office Depot. (See Resources.)
    • Step 5

      Buy a few items on your new card(s) and pay off most or all of them on time. After about 2 months, get a copy of your Experian Business Credit report. (See Resources.)
    • Step 6

      Apply for more credit once your new credit cards are reporting on Experian. Other good starter corporate credit cards are usually found at other office-supply stores, department stores and gas stations.
    • Step 7

      Buy items on each new card and pay off most or all of the balance on time. Check your Experian Business Credit report every couple of months. As your scores go up and more positive accounts report, you may wish to keep applying for the corporate credit you need and/or ask for credit-line increases on existing accounts.
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  • Tip: Remember that paying a corporate credit-card bill even one day late is considered a negative mark on your new business credit report.
  • Tip: If you are asked for a personal guarantee, this means your corporate credit is still not well enough established. Apply again in 3 to 6 months if you do not want to put your personal credit on the line for your corporation.
  • Warning:
  • It is illegal to start a business, get credit and not pay for your purchases.

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