Cosmetic Hygiene: Sanitizing Eyelash Curlers, Eyebrow Brushes, And Other Tools

Learn how to clean your cosmetic tools along with the importance of regular cleaning. Special directions for eyelash curlers, eyebor brushes, and other...

People, especially women, use makeup on a regular basis to make themselves look better.There are certain tools that are used to apply makeup.These tools can include eyelash curlers, eyebrow brushes, and others.What many people do not know is that it is important to keep these tools clean.Unclean cosmetic tools can cause infection, and no one wants to get an infection when they are trying to look better.In order to avoid these nasty infections, clean your cosmetic tools regularly using the following ideas and tips.

It is recommended that all cosmetic tools be cleaned every three months or more often.If you allow anyone to use your cosmetic tools, make sure to wash them before you use them again.Sharing cosmetic tools without washing them can transmit bacteria and infections.There are professional cleaners on the market, but most cosmetologists do not suggest using these.Though the professional cleaners are effective, they tend to be quite harsh.Many people have sensitive skin, and makeup is applied on and near the eyes so the harsh chemicals in professional cleaners can cause irritation.Instead of using the professional cleaners, cosmetologists recommend using your daily cleanser to clean your cosmetic tools.

Most people use daily cleansers that are gentle on their skin and work well for their skin type.Using your daily cleanser to clean your cosmetic tools is a good way to avoid any allergic reactions to harsh chemicals or ingredients that would irritate sensitive skin.To clean hard cosmetic tools such as eyelash curlers, use a clean washcloth.Get it wet with warm water and then apply a tiny amount of your daily cleanser to the cloth.Lather into the cloth.Then take the washcloth and gently wipe or scrub the cosmetic tools.Use your own judgment in order to clean the tools thoroughly.Once you have cleaned the cosmetic tools, rinse them in warm water and dry with a clean towel or let them air dry somewhere that they will not pick up further bacteria or dirt.

In order to clean your cosmetic brushes, you can use a washcloth as mentioned above, or you can just use your fingers.If you decide to use a washcloth, then clean your brushes the same way that you would clean your hard cosmetic tools.If you decide to use your fingers, then start by getting your cosmetic brushes wet in warm water.Once you have done this you can add a tiny amount of cleanser to the bristles.Gently lather the bristles through your fingers, allowing the cleanser to permeate through all the bristles.After you have done this, you can rinse the brush out in warm water.Make sure to use your fingers to move the bristles around under the warm water to insure that all the cleanser is removed.After rinsing, reshape your brushes and allow them to air dry completely before using them again.If your bristles frizz or shed then it is time to get a new cosmetic brush.

By cleaning your cosmetic tools regularly and after another person uses them, you are making sure that you do not pick up any bacteria that can cause infection.Anyone who uses makeup wants to look and feel better about themselves, so cleaning your cosmetic tools will insure that you are always looking and feeling your best.

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