What Is The Cost Of Black Mold Removal By A Professional?

What is the cost of black mold removal by a professional? Kevin Bristol, owner of Advanced Mold, gives readers an idea of what to expect from a professional mold removal. If you have toxic black mold or...

If you have toxic black mold or stachybotrys in your home you will need to have it removed by a mold remediation specialist. There are many costs involved in treating toxic black mold including treating the actual mold, the health costs, moving out of your home during treatment, and also the cost of loss of value in your home. This article will go over some of the costs of toxic black mold.

According to the Toxic Black Mold Information Center, "once mold infests the home, it s very expensive to clean up. To make matters worse, many home insurance companies are denying mold claims". The actual average cost you will pay to a mold remediation specialist, "for one wall that is contaminated, is about $3,000.00" states Kevin Bristol President of Advance Mold Remediation. Kevin is also certified by the National Association of Mold professionals, International Association for Mold professionals, and the Environmental Protection Agency. This cost will include a mold inspection by a professional, mold sampling sent into an independent lab to determine what type of mold you have, and removal and cleanup. This cost also includes, "all of the helmets or protective wear that the technicians wear, the machines that they use which are called negative air machines that filter out the dirty air, and all of the chemicals, as well as the encapsulation coating" says Bristol. There is a lot of prep work in preparing a site to have toxic black mold removed since you need to isolate that part of the house from other rooms. Sealing off the air ducts and doors is important in order to keep the mold spores from floating into other rooms of the house. The family will most likely need to move out of their home during this time and this will be an additional cost.

Mold can cause mild to severe health problems in individuals exposed to it. Toxic black mold, which is the most widely publicized, can cause severe health problems such as lung disease, learning disabilities and chronic fatigue syndrome. The cost of these health problems will vary depending on the situation. Some of the health problems will be reversed once the individual moves out of the home that is infected. Toxic black mold can be recognized by its dark black slimy appearance. You may see dark splotches in your wall board, ceiling tiles or under your linoleum. You may not see any indication of toxic black mold if it is in your attic or in between your walls. Toxic black mold needs extremely wet conditions to grow. If you have had a flood or a long term leak that went undetected you can grow toxic black mold.

The loss of value in your home if it has toxic black mold is determined by the extent of the mold. There have been homes where the mold was so wide spread the entire home had to be destroyed and rebuilt. In most cases however, the mold can be removed by just removing one wall or floor and replaced with new. Check your home disaster insurance policy to see if they cover mold infestation. If the mold is able to be cleaned up you may be fine. However, in some states, you will need to disclose on the sale of the home that it had toxic black mold at one time.

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