Cost Of Charter Boats

Cost of charter boats. Hourly rates on charter boats vary depending on the size of the boat, crews, tables, linens, caterers and sound system options available. A 70 or 80 feet charter boat on the outside...

A 70 or 80 feet charter boat on the outside will probably be about $1000 per hour. Typically you would be looking at $800 to $1000 an hour for a large boat. For a boat like mine, which is 59 feet, it would cost about $500 per hour. The big question is "what does that include?" Boat rentals usually include crews, tables, linens, and sound systems in our case. There are rental boats that you pay for the boat and then you add everything a la carte; that's where it gets expensive. But typically your hourly rate will include the boat, the fuel and the captain and the crew.

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