What Is The Cost Of Having A Satellite Dish?

What is the cost of having a satellite dish? Learn about programming prices with Dish Network satellite tv. One of the biggest choices that homeowners have been faced with over the last few years is their...

One of the biggest choices that homeowners have been faced with over the last few years is their traditional cable company versus satellite television. One of the biggest problems with owning a satellite was the amount of money it cost to keep one up and running. Most of the consumers and homeowners that were interested in owning a satellite a few years back probably didn't take the risk because of the financial commitment. But now, with most satellite companies giving equipment away, many homeowners are finding that owning a satellite dish can be very cost effective.

Lynn Jenkins is the president of Satellite Country. In six years of business, it has been voted a top 10 company the last two years. Jenkins said that homeowners can no longer complain about the cost of owning a satellite dish because the equipment comes at a very reasonable price.

"The equipment is free," he said. "You get free installation and free equipment with high definition receivers and DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) in two of your rooms."

Another way that satellite companies have begun to save homeowners money is by allowing them to keep their service for free if they decide to move. Satellite companies now will accommodate consumers if they have to move. Of course, in most situations, this service will require that the consumer sign on to an extended contract with the company.

"If you move, we hook up your new location leaving the dish on the old house," Jenkins said. "You'll take the receivers with you, and when you get to your new location, we'll come out and put a brand new dish on for you."

The biggest change for most consumers over the last few years has been the change in cost. Now, owning a satellite package can be cheaper than having a cable package.

"The service costs will range from $31.99 for a basic package to a little under $100 for every premium every channel we have," Jenkins said. "If you want the NFL ticket, you don't have a choice - you would have to go with Direct TV. If you want to save money, you should go with Dish Network."

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