What Is The Cost Of A Radiant Heating And Cooling System?

What is the cost of a radiant heating and cooling system? Installing a radiant floor heating system in your home is generally more expensive than installing a forced air system, but most homeowners consider it an investment in energy efficiency.

I would say the number one disadvantage that I get either asked about or that gets my attention is cost. Radiant heating and cooling generally costs a little bit more than a new central forced air system. I have also heard from a lot of people that if you get an installed radiant heating and cooling system, you could spend anywhere from $8 to $15 per square foot of your house.

The way we put our systems together, by being there to support people and to teach them how install it themselves, we can usually do a heating system for about $3 per square foot and heating and cooling package for $5 to $6. Some people either do not understand what we're able to offer or they are not do-it-yourselfers. They don't want to do it themselves. Some people do not believe we can offer a quality system for so little. We market our systems on the Internet, and with fears of fraud and identity theft, some people would rather just go to a local company and when that happens, that's fine. Once a while people get the bids together and simply do not have the budget for it. That's where we come in - with proper design, quality components and thorough instruction and support, we can offer high-end systems at a price that will fit most budgets. For the most part, the way we look at it, if a person were to look at the price of a forced air heating and cooling system versus a radiant heating and cooling system from us, the difference is that ours would pay for itself in three to four years. And if you projected the total costs - not just the cost to buy the system, but also the cost of operation over time - usually between year 9 and year 11, the system will have completely paid for itself. So, I usually explain to people that it is an investment. It is something that if you put it in yourself, it will pay for itself over a 10-year period. In the meantime, you are going to enjoy a greater level of comfort and efficiency over that 10-year period than you would with a central forced air system.

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