Is It Costly To Refinish A Whole Hardwood Floor In A Room?

Is it costly to refinish a whole hardwood floor in a room? There are several options when redoing an entire hardwood floor in a room that can either become costly or keep the cost of the process down. The...

The average cost of refinishing a hardwood floor can vary widely. Typically the cost of refinishing a hardwood floor runs anywhere from $1.25 to over $4.00 per square foot. When hiring a professional, labor costs alone average $3.00 to $3.50 per square foot. The overall price will depend on many factors.

The current condition of the floor can greatly impact cost. Often structural repairs must be made before refinishing, and that can get very costly. If the floor is covered by other flooring, such as carpet or linoleum, hiring someone to remove the old flooring will obviously increase the cost as well. Many homeowners choose to do this chore themselves, but it is a dirty and time consuming job.

Before the floor can be refinished it is important to determine what type of hardwood flooring it really is. Some woods, such as maple, are more difficult to refinish and require professional help. Often what appear to be solid hardwood floors are really engineered wood flooring. This type of flooring has a thin layer of good hardwood on top of glued layers of other wood. These floors can be refinished, but they require special care to make sure that the hardwood is not sanded through to the glued layers.

Refinishing can often be avoided by refurbishing the old finish instead. This involves screening and recoating the floor. This is easy for homeowners to do themselves and normally costs about $1.00 per square foot. Before this process can take place it is necessary to determine what kind of finish is already on the floor. Certain types of products simply do not mix and accidentally combining them will mean having to sand and refinish the floor.
Refinishing a hardwood floor is expensive, but the results are well worth the cost. The finish on a well-cared-for floor can last as long as 40 years. For those who are planning to sell their home, the increase in value resulting from refinishing hardwood floors can far more than offset the cost of the project. In fact, many investors look for homes with hardwood floors in need of refinishing, because they can increase the value of the home with comparatively little expense by making this improvement.

Refinishing hardwood floors can be a daunting do-it-yourself project. Homeowners who are determined to renew their floors without hiring help may find it much easier to replace the floor than try to refinish it. Beki Willis has been repairing, restoring and remodeling homes in the greater Austin area since 1989. She says, "If you wanted to do it yourself and not have the professionals do it, I would recommend some of the products that you can buy at the home improvement stores that are Tongue and Groove. You snap them together and they already have a finish on them. There are different products available. For instance, one that has polyurethane infused into it, kind of soaked into the wood so that by the time you snap it together the floor is finished. You only need to put on your shoe mold or port around on the edges."

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