What Is Costume Jewelry?

What is costume jewelry? Costume jewelry may look like gold and diamonds, but it will actually be made of cubic zirconium, crystals, glass, plastic, copper, or silver. Costume jewelry, to me, is anything...

Costume jewelry, to me, is anything doesn't have real stones. If a costume jeweler were to copy a piece, he would use crystals or cubic zirconium, because they look real but are not real diamonds.

The first advantage of costume jewelry is that everybody can afford it. The price is dependent on what kind of gems you choose. Are you using turquoise or crystals or CZ? We tend to use crystals, so our prices are higher than someone who's using CZ, glass, or plastic. If you want the quality, it's going to be more expensive I would assume. The other advantage is that you can follow a trend. People are willing to buy more than one piece, because it's not too much of an investment. You can also get something big with some design.

The only major disadvantage is that if someone wants to change stones on a piece they thought was crystal, they may actually be pulling off diamonds or something. Copper bracelets usually turn my wrist green. Our company's bracelets don't change anybody's skin to green, because we don't use copper. We use nickel-free brass and it's overlaid, so I haven't really seen anyone's neck turn green.

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