Cottage Cheese Recipes

Try these great cottage cheese recipes and snack suggestions and you'll be hooked for life!

When most people think of Cottage Cheese, they immediately think "˜Health Food.' And that perception can be a deterrent to many of us, as we often view health foods as less than appetizing (especially if we are NOT dieting). However, cottage cheese, in addition to being good for you in many ways, can also accent many main course meals or be a very tantalizing snack. So, if you are interested in something different, try some of these unique cottage cheese "˜recipes.' They are quick, easy and different - enjoy!

Cottage Cheese Dip - Cottage Cheese can be used as a dip with many snack food items. Try a little scoop of it on your favorite brand of potato chips, corn chips or cheese nacho chips. You'll be surprised how tasty it is! This is a great idea when having guests over for a get together, as there is minimal prep time. Simply buy a couple of large containers of your favorite brand at the store and put it in a serving dish next to some chips. Your guests will love your Cottage Cheese Dip! (You might need to show them how it works!)

Sandwich Topping - Tired of eating mayonnaise or mustard on your lunch meat sandwich? Spruce it up with some cottage cheese topping. After adding your lunch meat, and any other accessories (cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.), add a half a cup of cottage cheese to top it off! If you're really daring, add some crunched up potato chips as well. Watch out, this can get messy"¦but it's so yummy!

Spaghetti/Lasagna Side Dish - Cottage Cheese adds great flavor to your best Italian dishes. You can add it to your recipe (which is highly recommended), or simply use it as a side dish. Scoop a spoonful or forkful of it up in addition to a forkful of the main course in the same bite, it's very tantalizing!

Pot Pie Mixture - For a tasteful way to cool off that steaming Pot Pie, mix a cup (or more!) of cottage cheese into the pie. It will cool off your Pot Pie immediately and add a very different flavor! This also works well with similar meals such as Chicken & Noodle Casseroles, Dumplings"¦anything with a gravy like substance.

Mix it with Fruit - If you are trying to stay healthy, mix cottage cheese with some fresh or canned fruit. It tastes great with pineapple, peaches and strawberries. You can also try it with applesauce, which is sure to become a favorite!

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - You've just spent hours over a hot stove and the result is a wonderful steak or pot roast dinner with mashed potatoes and a couple of side dishes. If you make gravy to go with your potatoes, try adding cottage cheese as a side dish as well. It adds a wonderful taste to a scoop of mashed potatoes! Try this and you'll be hooked for life!

Cottage Cheese Noodles - Ever need a quick meal but there's not much in the fridge? Try boiling some of your favorite style noodles, and after draining, mix in 2 cups of cottage cheese. The result is cheesy noodles with a very unique flavor!

In addition to the above recipes, as you eat more and more cottage cheese you might find that you begin to mix it with other dishes as well. However, if you become addicted to cottage cheese dishes, (as you might after using the above "˜recipes'), try a lower fat version of your favorite cottage cheese brand. It might taste slightly different at first, but you will become used to the taste and find it difficult to go back to the "˜hard stuff' after a few helpings. Regardless of what kind of cottage cheese you use, trying these great "˜recipes' is sure to make you a cottage cheese lover for life! Bon appetite!

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