Could The Gases Inside Energy Efficient Windows Be Dangerous?

Could the gases inside energy efficient windows be dangerous? The small amount of gases in energy efficient windows are not going to be dangerous to your family's health. Well no. There is not that much...

Well no. There is not that much gas in the window. Generally, the chamber is only 7/8 inches thick. That is from the outside to the inside of the glass. The area of that window is usually less than three feet by six feet. So, that's only 18 sq. ft. Your average room has much more square feet. It is going to be more than 18 sq. ft. of floor space. If the glass breaks, you wouldn't be able to even detect any gas in the air. It is a very minimal concern to the environment and to any safety features. The windows are sealed with a dual seal process. This guarantees that the gases do not leak out of the window. If they do, it is at a very, very minimal leakage.

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