What Countries Use The Most Wind Power?

What countries use the most wind power? Europe and the United States use the greatest amounts of wind energy, and many countries have developed onshore and offshore wind farms to meet the targets of the Kyto Climate Change Treaty. Texas is the United States' biggest wind power success story.

In Europe, the country with the most wind power installed is Germany. They now get, I think probably nearly ten percent of their power from wind. I think some areas of Denmark get more of the power from wind power, but it is just a lot smaller. The countries that are tied for second place, are the United States and Spain. They trade places every year but, in terms of use, the US is in second place. But Spain has really had a lot of wind power fairly recently because they have a good wind resource and they are having a lot of wind power.

And then, Denmark, like I mentioned has a lot of wind power installed, and the UK traditionally did not have very much, but they started put in a lot of wind turbines and they are putting in - some offshore and some onshore - in order to meet a target that they have set for themselves that is related to the Kyoto Climate Change Treaty. Here in the US, Texas as one of the biggest success stories that I have seen in long time. Texas, as a result of the electricity deregulation law that was passed, I think in 2002, went from having not very much wind power installed to having over a 1,000 megawatts installed in about two years. So, now Texas is number #2 in the country. California is still number #1 because they have a lot of wind power that was installed a long time ago.

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