Country Kitchen Decor

Many of us spend most of our time in the kitchen. Here are a few ways to change your kitchen into a warm inviting country environment.

These days it seems as though many kitchens are the ultra modern style, with the white cupboards and flooring with bold accents. These kitchens definitely look nice but they are lacking the warmth that every kitchen needs. Many of us spend the majority of our time in our kitchens so why not warm it up with some earthy colors?

The following ideas are ways to create that needed warmth in your kitchen. Visit one of your local paint stores and select some earthy color swatches for paint. Try using an antique olive green for your cupboards. Other colors such as a light mocha or honey would also be a good choice. There are many types of warm greens to choose from also. Wash your cupboards to eliminate grease and grime. Next, lightly scuff them with sandpaper and wipe them down again to remove the loose dust. Mix your chosen paint color with half paint and half glaze. Get yourself an old cotton T-shirt and cut it up into rags. You can also use cheesecloth if you desire. It seems that the cheesecloth doesn't give the texture you may be looking for. Use a paintbrush, a one-inch to four-inch width will do. Paint an area about a square foot. Just brush the paint on roughly, then take your cotton rag and scrunch it. Then dab or lightly rub the painted area with the rag; this gives an attractive texture to the cupboards. You may want to paint the trim around your cupboards in a solid color without the glaze, this adds contrast. When choosing your knobs for the doors consider a copper or wraught iron knob. It creates an aged look and it goes well with the doors.

Now for the countertop. Buying countertops can be expensive, especially if you require a custom size. An inexpensive way to re-face the countertop is with ceramic tile. The tiles are available in a variety of sizes, 12x12 tile is a good size for countertops. They come in a variety of colors. After you lay the tiles it is time to grout the seams. Charcoal grout seems to compliment most colors of tile. Around the edges of the countertop you may want to finish with two-inch wood trim. Red oak is a warm color for trim and it looks great.

For the floor, you may want to cover the existing linoleum. There are many laminate hardwood floorings available. Various types of installation are available, such as snap and glue or lock together pieces. This type of flooring is fairly inexpensive and it is extremely durable. Also this floor doesn't require a sub floor underneath for installation. If you have children or pets this is a great floor to go with. It comes in different shades of wood, so just pick what works well with the cupboards and countertop.

Lastly, choose a warm color for your paint in the kitchen. Generally with these earthy warm tones for the cupboards and countertops, shades of browns can be nice. Desert sand, rice cake or a light shade of coffee adds the necessary warmth to finish off the room. Perhaps if the room is large enough a feature wall could be painted with a darker color such as cinnamon suede. For props in the kitchen, look for items at garage sales and second hand stores. Aged copper pots and candleholders are just a few things you could place in the kitchen to give that warm country feel.

All of the ideas listed above can help ensure you to acquire a warm country kitchen inexpensively.

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