What Does Every Couple Fight Over?

What does every couple fight over? Couples in every relationship fight over sex, time, and money, so emphasis should be put on communication, honesty, and respect. We have to work so much and don't spend...

We have to work so much and don't spend that much time at home, so communication, sex, time, and money are the four top issues. You are going to be happy with each other if you are consistently honest and respectful, if you have fun, and if you really make your relationship a priority. Another key is acceptance, because we often have expectations of our partners that are not realistic. You can't change your spouse. If you just stop putting gas in your car because it had a full tank when you bought it, it will die. Your teeth are going to fall out if you don't maintain them. It's the same with your marriage. Your marriage will deteriorate if you don't maintain it.

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